Bajaj Allianz Transforms Daily Deployments

The general insurance giant automates daily deployments with TCS MasterCraft DevPlus


Bajaj Allianz




TCS MasterCraft DevPlus


BAGIC Needed Requirements-to-Release Management and Creation of Delivery Pipeline

The insurance giant wanted to manage their 'requirements-to-release' processes, create a continuous delivery pipeline, initiate tasks and deploy changes across its environments. The current business scenario demanded continuous delivery of its customer portal and other applications to the market. After a rigorous evaluation of the available commercial products in the market, BAGIC opted for TCS MasterCraft DevPlus, which can manage both agile and traditional lifecycle processes.


Deployed on the AWS cloud, DevPlus facilitated traditional testing, defect management and CI/CD.

TCS MasterCraft DevPlus was deployed for automating BAGIC's Agile Delivery, Test Management, and (CI/CD) processes. DevPlus has enabled BAGIC to streamline the entire set of development and delivery processes and facilitated tighter collaboration among the involved teams, despite the COVID-19 pandemic. DevPlus is extensively carrying out post-deployment CR Processes for BAGIC's travel insurance segment. And for the health insurance segment, DevPlus performs requirements management, test and defect management, and CI/CD in a traditional workspace setup.

We are one of those organizations that make multiple deployments on a daily basis, in order to ensure optimal customer experience. We are using TCS MasterCraft DevPlus extensively for both Agile and Traditional projects. We have completely automated our deployments seamlessly with DevPlus. It has helped us deliver more with every release, with high quality and lesser time.

- Avinash Naik, Senior Vice President, BAGIC


TCS MasterCraft DevPlus effectively manages 'Demand-to-Deploy' lifecycle for BAGIC.

The end-to-end release and deployment processes were streamlined through DevPlus. This enabled BAGIC to plan the releases and scale up the number of daily deployments easily, despite having highly distributed development, testing and deployment teams.

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