NSE India Enables Data Privacy Compliance

National Stock Exchange India ensures customer data privacy with TCS MasterCraft DataPlus


National Stock Exchange, India


Banking and Financial Services


Automation & AI,Quality Engineering,Cyber Security


Retain data utility and minimize PII exposure in test environment

At the close of each trading day, NSE's systems generate multiple trading files from various business lines. The sensitive data contained in these files is copied to the lower environment and used for application development, testing, identification of exception or error scenarios and scenario-simulation. Using these files in their original form risks exposing sensitive data of participants, members and brokers. NSE wanted to implement proactive adoption of appropriate data privacy measures, even before India's data protection regulation could be adopted.


TCS MasterCraft DataPlus enabled privacy-safe data provisioning for NSE, India.

Since NSE's inception in 1994, TCS has been managing its mission-critical IT applications across trading, clearance, and operations. Data-driven testing ensures optimal quality of new and updated applications. As part of NSE's data privacy compliance initiative, a bespoke static data masking policy was set up for privacy-safe test data provisioning. TCS MasterCraft DataPlus static data masking policy framework provided an automated, governed, consistent and repeatable method of daily static data masking to mask PII attributes such as Personal Account Number (PAN), User ID, Participant ID, Trader ID, Broker ID, Client ID, and Member ID. This non-intrusive, fail-safe, and streamlined factory model leverages DataPlus' batch job management, in-built job scheduler and pre-packaged and configurable reports. It retains the desired utility level of masked data for the intended consumption purposes like privacy-safe application development, testing and scenario-simulation. Continuous health monitoring of the process through real-time alerts enables SLA adherence by delivering privacy-safe data at the beginning of each trading day.

"TCS MasterCraft DataPlus is helping us with our digital transformation by safeguarding the privacy of our production data for our trading applications. With the flow of new data being interminable, the anonymization should also be automated into a continuous activity."

- G Shenoy, Chief Technology Officer, NSE India


TCS MasterCraft DataPlus ensures data privacy compliance by safeguarding sensitive data

  • Mitigation of sensitive data exposure and insider trading risk
  • Adherence to NSE's internal data privacy requirements and India's anticipated data protection regulation
  • Privacy-safe debugging and resolution of issues

Jobs run daily

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Data masked overnight

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