Railpen maps defects to testcases with DevPlus

Railpen uses TCS MasterCraft DevPlus for Effective Test Cases & Defect Management


Railpen (Earlier known as RPMI)


Banking and financial services (India)


Enterprise applications


Railpen needed E2E traceability, collaboration across teams and effective test management

Railpen was facing challenges in managing and executing test cases, finding defects and ensuring end-to-end traceability. Tracking defects and status was challenging and the collaboration between testers and developers was becoming a major pain area.


TCS MasterCraft DevPlus as an on premise solution managed test cases, their execution and defects

TCS MasterCraft DevPlus was deployed as an on premise solution and was used to manage test cases, their execution and defect management. Tests were being executed only via TCS MasterCraft DevPlus and it helped them obtain a view of the daily execution and to track the status of the project. Defects were raised against the test cases and the tool ensured complete traceability of the test cases and defects. Approximately 200 users can use DevPlus, generating around 22,000 test cases, 2000 defects and 5400 test runs.

The DevPlus system allows us to quickly get a view on current testing and defect status, enabling us to make effective planning decisions to support the overall delivery plan. The system is easy to use and we face minimal to no downtime which means we can spend more time carrying out productive testing.
Information can be easily extracted and the customizable reports allow us to get to the exact information we need every time. The traceability and workflow engines allow us to see a full view history of each item in real-time, which gives us the ability to pivot and respond to challenges quickly, and trace each item back to the requirement easily.
We use a couple of different tools internally, and the DevPlus solution is definitely the preferred solution and we are looking to use this more in future.

- Martin Hainstock, Head of Development & Implementation, Railpen


With TCS MasterCraft DevPlus, Railpen managed test cases in a single repository, using it for various testing cycles such as SIT, UAT and Regression Testing.

After TCS MasterCraft DevPlus was deployed on premise, it helped Railpen manage test cases in a single repository, using it for various testing cycles such as SIT, UAT and Regression Testing. The configured defect workflow helped Railpen-RPMI to track defect ownership and move towards closure quickly. Real-time reporting provided insights to the customer, and a quick view of the project could be obtained to address challenges.
Railpen migrated to the SaaS version of TCS MasterCraft DevPlus Since 2020, which reduced the infra management cost. The product has also provided 100 percent availability. Railpen is immensely satisfied with TCS services and is planning to scale up and use DevPlus enterprise-wide.

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